*USED* 5'3" Ryan Lovelace Surfcraft TRev


Excellent Condition to new condition: 9.0 out of 10.

Fins included

  • 6oz  Bottom with 4s+6oz Deck Lamination 

  • Clear Lamination 

  • 1/8” Redwood Stringer 

Think high-volume quad fish in the front two thirds, with a pulled-in round tail. A proven Lovelace classic originally designed for Trevor Gordon. Very flat rocker, flat deck with down rails and a vee to double, into single afterburner concave bottom. Tons of skate off the middle & enough curve to hold that power through turns – These sleds like chunky beachbreaks and bowly reefs, even though they cut their teeth on Santa Barbara’s small point surf. In other words, enjoy all over!

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