Surf Yogis Natural Zinc Surfscreen - Cold Climate


Better for cooler climates or for those who prefer a softer formula.

Being surfers, SurfYogis decided to create a sunscreen that was friendly for the reefs and for the oceans, made out of all natural ingredients that are clean, safe and healthy for the temple of our bodies.  While enjoying Surfyogis Surfscreen, please keep the vision of a cleaner planet in and out of the surf alive.

Surfscreen features:

  • Only natural and clean ingredients
  • Ingredients include: Chocolate, beeswax, zinc oxide and coconut oil (so pure its edible!!)
  • Tried and tested in the sunny surf conditions of Indonesia, Hawaii and Australia
  • Lasts for hours and works 100% of the time
  • Brought to you with peace and love by surfyogis in Bali, Indonesia