9'7" Corey Munn Surfboards Pleasure Pin


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PLEASURE PIN - this is my go to and favorite longboard to ride in any waves, it is generally a lot more foiled than the ivy and ridden slightly longer. The main design is based around being drivey and good on rail, it has a decent amount of entry rocker that apexes around the front 1/3 that goes into a long continuous smooth tail rocker. It nose rides well being put in the critical part of the wave and works off engaging the back 2/3 of rail line for lift. The convexed, hully bottom from nose to tail without any interruption of a nose concave keeps the trim speed high, combined with a foiled round rail enables the smooth fast ride. The lower volume helps sink and stay on rail for proper engaged turns, also resulting in the board feeling a lot shorter than it is, which is why i like riding them longer.

preferred length between 9’- 10’

personal dimensions 9’7 x 23 x 2 7/8