9'6" Lovemachine Surfboards FM


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  • 6 Bottom, 6 + 6 Deck

  • Pink/Red Tint Lamination 

  • 1/4" Redwood Stringer

If the 6’9 FM is “weapons grade” we’re afraid to know how its 9’6 mega-brother should be described. Measuring in at 9’6” x 22 1/16” x 3 1/4” (74.28L) and being a particularly unique board in the LoveMachine quiver (or any quiver for that matter), these things cover some serious ground. Totally capable in small waves, smooth rolling rail to rail and paddle speed to burn; It starts to really shine when the waves pick up; if driving a long rail line in fun waves is your cup of tea then pay attention! The outline and rocker are racey enough to handle substantial waves with confidence, and the bottom contours centering around a huge spiral vee keep it loose in the back end and trimming like a rocket from the middle. This is an incredibly dynamic large board.

“This variation started out with a few custom orders for rifling point waves; working through those it was pretty immediately apparent how versatile a package this design was - basically pumping up my 8’1 into longboard/glider territory but keeping within the FM balance to keep it free and loose. I’m not much for classic longboarding so this thing fills a really exciting place in my quiver; paddle speed is out of this world and it still fits in tight pockets and wraps turns like a much smaller board - I will admit its a particularly curious board but I think people are going to understand it pretty quickly after a few waves!” -Ryan

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