8'1" Lovemachine Surfboards FM


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  • 6 Bottom, 6 + 6oz Deck 

  • Bright Red Tint Lamination 

  • 1/8” Redwood Stringer with 2 x Glue Lines 

The 8’1 FM is a replication of Ryan’s personal favorite board. Slightly narrower and thicker than the ‘average’ FM balance, it is suited very well for solid waves and larger surfers (Ryan is 6’1 and 210 lbs). Shaped as a step up variation for winters in Hawai’i, it has proven itself very useful in smaller conditions as well. Surprisingly it has become a favorite of Katie Lovelace’s as well - doubling as her summertime fling; When Ryan steps into larger boards as the waves drop, Katie picks the 8’1 up as her small wave destroyer instead of a longboard.

The same features that make this particular FM good for solid waves for larger humans, lends itself to being a really loose and fun small-wave board for smaller surfers; this duality is what got the board the go-ahead for the LoveMachine quiver.

Ryan’s personal variations tend to be slightly more exaggerated than baseline versions - meaning slightly more aggressive contours and volume. The FM LOVES volume, so its clicked particularly well in this package.

8’1” x 21 5/8” x 3 1/8” 58.29L