7'4" Corey Munn Surfboards - Sub


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From Corey
“SUB: for a lot of years I mainly rode longboards at home in Coolangatta to make the most of uncrowded perfect small waves. i would get kinda stuck when the waves were too big/messy to enjoy riding a longer board. still wanting to ride something longer that paddled well and had glide, I tended to go down the '“hully” convexed bottom kinda route, which were super fun for a while but had limitations in turning and working the board in a more dynamic, “surfy” approach. They always required a more delicate (less is more) approach. the SUB was born out of the pursuit to have a longer board that paddled well and responded to being put on rail. Able to do proper cutbacks and go more vert into the lip, you don’t have to hold back or nurse it. it works well in very small waves as well as larger overhead conditions. For the length of the board the rail line is curvy which gives it the ability to do proper turns and hold arcs. the bottom contours are a combination of flat, concaves and V that create a fast planing surface under your front foot and between your feet with accelerated tail rocker after the fin/fins. a great board for all skill levels being able to be ridden how ever you like. Ridden as a single or twin.”

Recommended length 6’10 - 7’7