6'9" Lovemachine Surfboards FM


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  • 6 Bottom, 6/4 Deck

  • Split Tint Lamination  

  • 1/8” Redwood Stringer

Weapons grade. The most aggressive midlength in the Love Machine quiver, the 6’9 FM sports a softened squash tail vs. its larger counterparts, making it extremely quick down the line while the combination of bottom shape and fins keeps it rolling effortlessly onto rail and accelerates when pushed on. The FM is known for its smoothness and ability to hold powerful arcs, at 6’9 this version will fit in your quiver as a performance shortboarder’s midlength, or a longboarder’s hotrod.

6’9” x 21” x 2 3/4”
42.14 L

Notes from Ryan: “The FM isn’t a ‘channel bottom’ in a classical sense - the channel is there as a break for water flow, but it isn’t doing for the board what most designers are chasing in the deeper more exaggerated channel bottoms that are so popular right now. This design sports a pretty hefty spiral vee in the back half of the board, and while that is amazing for rail transitions and feel, it creates suction between the board and wave; the channel breaks that water flow that is sucking onto the board, so you get the three-dimensional value of the spiral vee and its rolling sensation, but without the stickiness. As I shrink the FM inch by inch, I shrink the amount of vee as well, so in these smaller iterations you’ll notice less of the rolling feel that the larger ones have, trading that out for more release off the lip and higher planing tendencies in the surface of the water.”