6'8" Simon Shapes Quad Egg


100% Hand Shaped at The Heavens

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This shape is designed to be a user-friendly performance egg for a wide range of surfers and wave types. The design is focused on linking carves and surfs very “round”. The wide point is placed just ahead of the centre. It has a consistent, flowing curve from nose to tail, and really similar nose and tail measurements, making for an almost “double-ender” style outline, but not quite. The bottom shape consists of a slight roll entry to flat, to spiral V in the tail. The rocker curve is neutral and is functional in a variety of waves. It is designed as a quad fin egg but can be adjusted for multiple different fin setups. The quad fins on this shape feel great. The placement of the quads (especially the rears) is a critical component that either helps the board be more pivotal for short, fast waves or more drawn out, for bigger, open-faced waves. This shape can be adjusted to fit a more specific surfer and wave type as well.

Recommended length: 6’4’’ to 7’10’’