5'8" Simon Shapes Swallow Tail Quad


100% Hand Shaped at The Heavens

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This shape is designed to blend the positive attributes of the fish design, with the positive attributes of one of my favourite quad fin shortboard designs. It is designed to excel specifically in open-faced waves that can fit long carves. The outline has a centred wide point and a consistent, flowing curve from nose to tail. The bottom shape consists of a triplane entry with a single concave as the centre plane, to double concave under the front foot, to a light spiral V in the tail. The triplane entry raises the rail line in the front part of the board to help prevent it from catching on steeper sections of the wave. It is available as a twin, twinzer, or quad fin setup. This shape can be adjusted to fit a more specific wave type as well.

Recommended length: 5’5’’ to 6’3’’