5'7" Simon Shapes DT/DN


100% Hand Shaped at The Heavens

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This shape is inspired by Jeff Alexander, Jon Lalane, and the Gemini surfboard design. I learned a lot from the Gemini design and it has since been a big inspiration. This shape is designed to be a user-friendly performance shortboard replacement for a wide of surfers. I used some design elements from the Gemini that I really liked and applied them to this design. The bottom shape consists of a single concave entry, to inverted panel V in the tail. The inverted panel V is essentially a single concave with straight lines rather than curves. This bottom shape straightens the centerline rocker curve for speed in a straight line but keeps more rail line rocker curves intact for maneuverability on rail and a shorter turning radius. This shape features a diamond tail to shorten the board’s rail line for maneuverability on a longer board. The term “double bump” comes from the soft bumps/wings in the outline placed near the fins. These help to pull in the tail for control and maneuverability but do so with straighter lines rather than curves. It is available as a quad, thruster, or twin + 1 fin setup. This shape can be adjusted to fit a more specific surfer and wave type as well.

Recommended length: 5’5’’ to 6’4’’