5'6" Corey Munn Stage 2 Wonder Fish


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From Corey
”STAGE 2 WFISH: the wonderfish is my take on the more classic twin keel fish. it has been my bread and butter board for the past 6/7 years and the board I have shaped the most of without a doubt. It has been a real crowd pleaser and is rare to not get an excited message back from the customer. The stage 2 is the updated, most current version of my vision for this board. They span the skill gap between beginner and ripper extremely well. They can cruise and glide but also respond well to being pushed on and surfed more critical. a Swiss army knife kinda board, good for always having in the car for any conditions.

They are meant to be ridden short. most of the design attributes of this shape are grounded in drive, projection and speed. the outline and rocker have long straighter curves in the back half and the keel fins are a thin, double foil variation of my own design. This is great for getting a small board to feel drivey and project like it has more rail in the water. they have very flat decks and hold a lot of volume from nose to tail, The rails are a sort of boxier down rail. these boards sit on top of the water and do well when there isnt much push in the wave face on smaller days.”

Recommend length 5’- 5’8”