5'11" Corey Munn Surfcraft Snub


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  • 6 Bottom, 4/4 Deck Deck w/ 3/4 3oz Volan Patch 

  • Sage Tint Bottom Lamination

  • 1/8” Bass Stringer

From Corey:
"SNUB: the SNUB came from riding the SUB a lot at home on the smaller beach breaks of the tweed coast. at the same time becoming more and more inspired by the 90s/00s ripper period, i wanted something to shred small waves with. I adapted the same kinda outline I was loving in the SUB to more shortboard dimensions, gave it a curvy rail line rocker and a generous amount of concave. its got early nose flip, fast planing surface between your feet and smooth medium tail rocker. as far as '“shortboards”, it has a thicker foil and holds generous volume throughout. set up as a twin plus trailer, the snub feels super alive and fast as soon as you stand up. it feels great on rail with quite a tight turning circle, good for ripping smaller bowly sections. it has a loose but drivey feeling almost as if you were riding on tracks, being able to turn super tight while staying connected to the wave."

recommended length 5’5 - 6’5

Corey's dimensions 5’10 x 19 x 23/8