10'6" Trimcraft Surfboards - Haley Pin Glider


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  • 6oz Bottom, 6 + 6oz Deck 

  • Two Tone Smoke & Burnt Orange Tint Lamination 

  • Full Resin Pinlines 
  • 1/4” Redwood with 2 x Black Glue Lines 

The best way to mentally approach this mid length is to take a classic double-ender mini glider vibe, then send it into hyperdrive with an extremely technical triplane bottom shape – to be specific, a vee under the nose – into double concave, spiral vee, then that signature flat spot just behind the fin – all packed between those trippy flat chines that break the water flow for quick planing and even quicker transitions onto rail. So all that is to say, extremely versatile in small and average surf, will cheater-5 til the end of the world, with an exceptionally positive response off the back foot. Based on the Lovelace ThickLizzy – these things are quickly becoming quiver staples all over the world.

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