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20% off fins with purchase of a new surfboard. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

8'2" Michael Arenal Surfboards Anomaly - Greige


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  • 6oz Bottom, 6+6oz Deck 

  • Greige Semi Opaque  Lamination

  • 1/8” Bass Stringer 

The Anomaly. Curiously, there aren’t many surfboards made in the 8’6” to 9' range, why is that?  Too big for a mid-length; too small for a longboard?  Opportunity? 

Michael was intrigued, and set out to explore and understand this largely ignored size range.

He finds the Anomaly enjoyable on longboard days when you want to ride something a little bit smaller and more maneuverable, or for midlength sessions when you want a little extra foam and length to catch waves earlier.

Offered in Single fin or 2+1 options

Wave Range: Knee, up to overhead 

Recommended Length: 8’0 - 9’2 (can go longer or shorter)

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