20% off fins with purchase of a new surfboard
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20% off fins with purchase of a new surfboard. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

7'0" Michael Arenal Surfboards Micro Glide - Green


We all suffer from long spells of small surf, and pretty soon we itch for feelings of something other than our longboard. This is where the Microglide comes in. The original intent behind the design was a mid length for small surf, yet it has proven to be up for much more than that. Full outline, flowing lower rocker, and some special bottom contours make this board an incredible paddler, wave catcher, and smooth carver off the tail. Get ready for a midlength that will provide fast flowing glide, and work in the lineup of a typical “longboard” day or spot. 

Wave Range: Knee to Head High

Recommended Length: 6’6 - 8’0

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