20% off fins with purchase of a new surfboard
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20% off fins with purchase of a new surfboard. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

5'4" John Simon Shapes Mysterious Crystal


  • 6oz  Bottom with 4+4+ 3/4 3oz Volan Deck Lamination 

  • Coke Bottle Tint Bottom Lamination  

  • 1/8” Redwood Stringer  

The Mysterious Crystal features a flat deck, low rocker, and a clustered quad fin setup. It has a bottom shape consisting of a combination of panel-V and inverted panel-V in the nose, which transitions to a triplane bottom with deep single concave as the center plane and slightly angled flat panels as the outside planes, eventually breaking to a significant amount of panel V in the last few inches of the tail. It’s designed to be a speed-generating, yet highly shreddable alternative performance board, suited for a variety of waves. It’s bottom shape, and flat rocker are the major elements that contribute to its speed generating ability in flatter sections of the wave, while its short length, and outline curve simultaneously allow it to fit in tight pockets, maintaining its functionality in bowly waves.

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