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True Ames Mackie Quad - Futures


(4 Fin Set) Futures Compatible: These alternate style quads designed by Mick Mackie have longer bases - built firstly for drive, but pull quickly into a narrow tip in order to keep them loose and lively. The keel shaped outline draws heavily from his Side Cut Keel fins, though these have a bit more rake for some extra hold and added squirt. Suitable for fish style shapes and most wider tailed boards.  

( Front Fins )
HEIGHT: 4.685" / 119 mm   
BASE: 6.988" / 177 mm
AREA: 21.57”² / 139.16 cm²

( Back Fins ) 
HEIGHT: 3.05" / 78 mm   
BASE: 5.413" / 138 mm
AREA: 11.37”² / 73.36 cm²