John Simon returns this May as our first resident shaper of the year. At this point, we've lost track of how many times John's come to New Jersey to shape, but we're always excited to see his design evolution and what he has in store for 2024. Over the last few years, John has really made a name for himself in the alternative shortboard category, as well as with some really cool higher-performance eggs. His fresh and interesting approach to surfboard design never feels forced or contrived, and it's proven time and time again. 

Last year, we collaborated on a few new models, including a high-performance fish model we dubbed the Hi-Phi Phish. This board quickly became one of our favorites, performing well in all kinds of conditions, from punchy waist-high waves to well-overhead tubes. Check out some of the footage from this past winter on the  Hi-Phi Phish.

NJ Surf 12.19.23 from Rob Cusick on Vimeo.


With a few ideas in mind, we're eager to see what we come up with this time around.

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