This summer we set out to design a new model with John Simon that speaks directly to the biggest and best waves the East Coast has to offer. At the same time, it has been tailored to the specific needs of the average surfer. As much as we all want to take off deep and under the lip when it is pumping, most of us can benefit from a little extra paddle power and stability when the waves really turn on.  What we came up with is the Kegg, a hybrid of sorts between John’s ever-popular quad egg, the Quegg, and a number of John’s high performance alternative shortboard models. The slightly egg-y expanded outline provides volume and stability to get you in early, while increased nose and tail rocker insure you make it through the most critical of drops and still have the ability to manage speed in the heaviest of “toobs.” The Kegg is meant to be ridden a few inches longer than your everyday performance board, and while it’s geared towards good waves, it should still have enough cruise and flow even when the waves aren’t as good as the forecast suggests. It might just be the perfect one-board travel quiver.

Here’s what John has to say about the design: “This design draws inspiration from the Quegg, but is suited more specifically for larger, rounder waves and emphasizes a more performance-oriented approach. With its increased outline curve, forward wide point, ample rocker curve, and quad fin setup, this design excels in maintaining control during critical situations. The bottom consists of a panel V entry with inverted V cut into it, effectively straightening the center entry rocker curve while retaining the advantages of the raised rail line entry for late takeoffs. Transitioning to a spiral V around the fins, it eventually evens out to flat off the tail tip.