Viola Lee - Sea Spray 8oz


Viola Lee Sea Spray is an all natural texturizing and volumizing spray that adds natural, beachy waves to your hair.

Made with a blend of organic ingredients that will not only leave your hair looking like a beach goddess, but that are beneficial to the health of your scalp and hair. 

There's many ways to use Viola Lee Sea Spray:

For beach waves and volume that last all day long, spray Sea Spray throughout wet hair and on roots. Tousle and scrunch and allow to air dry.

For volume and texture, spray Sea Spray throughout dry hair and on roots. Tousle and scrunch.

For tight curls and extra large hair, spray Sea Spray on damp hair and on roots. Twist damp hair into tiny buns all over head. Best to sleep on buns or you can air dry or blow dry them. When dry, undo little buns and brush out waves with finger tips and style. You're hair will be HUGE!

For simple sexy beach waves, spray sea spray on barely damp hair. Then twist hair into two medium tight buns on lower head. Air dry. Undo buns and brush waves with finger tips and style. 

Ingredients are:

Water, Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, *Organic Argon Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil. 

*certified organic

Shelf life is 6-9months.

Shake well before using. For external use