5'6" Peterson Surf Craft PMA Fish


This little twin fin was designed as an alternative to a traditional fish. Often times as surfers, we get in a rut with our equipment. The PMA was designed to break free from that rut and give the rider the opportunity to relax and let the board do the work, allowing different lines with effortless speed. With a more relaxed rocker in the front third, there is the ability to blow by flat or weird sections of the wave. The bottom contours are mellow and have a slight rolled entry that leads an early single to a spiral vee then back to flat after the fins. This board works surprisingly well in hollow waves, as well as the waves that you would expect a fish to work in. The goal of this board is really just one thing: to give a positive experience to all who ride it. Generally these are ridden a few inches longer than you would ride a full on keel fish in.

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