Aunti Oti - Sari Fragment Scarf

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Aunti Oti - Sari Fragment Scarf


Auntie Oti searches India for domestic articles essential to the everyday life of this rich and multi-cultural society. Ordinary consumer items are often produced on a local level. This results in commodities that differ not only region to region, but also village to village. Many goods are made at home on a lone loom and each piece is personified by the individual hand of a skilled artisan. While no two lots are alike, each is beautiful in its unique way.

The Sari Scarf Features:

  • Dimensions: 45″ x 66″
  • 100% cotton khadi*
  • simple ikat designs
  • perfect for everyday use as a scarf or home decor

*khadi : fabric woven by hand of hand-spun yarn

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